Far Manager 3.0 plugins


ScreenshotHex editor.

Image Viewer

ScreenshotImage viewer based on FreeImage library.

Audio Player

ScreenshotSimple audio player based on the BASS library.

Media Info

ScreenshotThe plugin allows you to view information about media files (codec, bit rate, duration, EXIF, etc.). To read the information used libraries MediaInfo, Exiv2 and GDI+.

Disk Menu Editor

ScreenshotPlugin allows you to add additional links to the disk menu (Alt+F1/Alt+F2):
  • Local and network directories;
  • Special folders (My Documents, Desktop, etc.);
  • Directives from registry;
  • Plugins Far, available through the command line prefix;
  • Sub-menu.


ScreenshotView and edit SQLite database files.

File Unlock

ScreenshotPlugin that allows you to forcibly close the files and directories (including a recursive scan mode) used by other applications.


ScreenshotProcessing of text files:
  • Remove unnecessary trailing spaces and tabs;
  • Remove blank lines from the end of the file;
  • Conversion line endings (CRLF↔LF↔CR);
  • Codepage converter (ANSI↔UTF8↔...).


ScreenshotThe simplest network sniffer that runs as a plugin for Far Manager. Catched IP4 packets are represented as files in the emulated file system.

Name Editor

ScreenshotBatch rename files and directories.
  • Construction template rename using EXIF tag and MediaInfo;
  • Support for custom templates rename;
  • Edit file and directory names in the Far editor;
  • Ability to rollback in the event of conflicts or errors.

PE Analyzer

ScreenshotAnalyzer executables MS Windows files (x86/x64) with built-in disassembler. Disassembler based on the BeaEngine library.
  • View import/export tables;
  • View resources;
  • Disassembler (i386/amd64);
  • View DOS/NT headers and sections of PE files;
  • Define compiler/packer by signature.


ScreenshotView and decompile Java classes using Fernflower, JAD or Javap.


ScreenshotChecksum calculator for the selected file (CRC32, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512).


ScreenshotSpell checking in built-in Far editor based on Hunspell library.


ScreenshotCalculator for developers.


ScreenshotWrapper over the Windows Portable Devices API, which allows to work with device volumes as a regular file system by MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).

Torrent Info

ScreenshotView the contents of the torrent files (*.torrent).


ScreenshotPlugin allows you to run processes with rise/fall privileges. Analogue command "sudo"/"su" in linux. Relevant for MS Windows systems with enabled UAC.

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